The advantages of Additive Manufacturing

Find out more about the many advantages of additive manufacturing in the article below. As for example the possibility to manufacture complex interlocked moving parts in readymade working assemblies.

Freedom of design

With additive manufacturing, complexity and geometry no longer affect manufacturability.

Part Complexity & Small Volumes

  • strong cost advantage for complex parts - complexity for free
  • strong cost advantage for small volumes - individualization for free

Mass Customization

With additive manufacturing parts can be made on demand, as there is no longer a long lead-time to get tooling produced.

From a product design perspective, every component made can completely differ from the others in a production run without significantly affecting the manufacturing cost or manufacturing time. This is, for example, very advatageous for crowns and bridges printed for dental applications.

On-Demand Manufacturing

The term “on-demand manufacturing” or “manufacturing on demand” is a manufacturing process in which goods are produced as and when required.
This opens opportunities for time to market strategies and fast customer responsiveness as innovative business model.

Instant assemblies and part consolidation

  • With additive manufacturing it is possible to manufacture complex interlocked moving parts in ready-made working assemblies.
  • With additive manufacturing it is possible to replace several simpler parts by a single more complex AM part.


AM is capable of making most complex designs from topology optimization. This opens up a whole new engineering area dedicated to making lighter products.

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