Dienstag, 14. September 2021 | 11:40 - 12:00

Halle 2: Innovation Symposium


The digital technology platforms in healthcare

This presentation will provide clarity on the widely-used 'platform' word in healthcare, and will focus on the 'horizontal' technology platforms which enable pharma and medical device companies in particular to build any medical-grade connected solution, notably Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

In the digital world, platforms have been around for some time in the consumer space, in particular in the e-commerce space. Aggregating consumer data is allowing companies to get to know extremely well their preferences and sell them more products or services. It is not a coincidence that Amazon was the first global company to develop a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service. In healthcare and life sciences, digital platforms are relatively new but gained traction for the past few years; health data is however much more sensitive, and strict regulations have been developed in order to protect people and patients privacy, limiting the usage of cloud-based solutions. The momentum accelerated though since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis about one year ago, with some companies valuations increasing exponentially along with the rising acceptance for digital interactions between patients and healthcare practitioners.

Many digital health companies are now branding their product as a ‘platform’. However, there are significant differences between them, some not fully fulfilling the definition of a ‘multi-sided’ platform interconnecting various categories of users, devices, or enabling the unification of data coming from any source and the connection to third-party applications. Also, beyond this terminology, there are very different use cases. The commonality is perhaps the fact that they try to address the systemic, complex issues that continue to plague the healthcare industry today and lead to inefficiencies within the value chain. At the heart of these issues is the fact that healthcare data is sitting in silos, which prevents the advent of precision medicine.

In our study, we will try to bring clarity on this class of products by providing a categorization of the Digital Health Platforms with an overview of market, and an analysis of the 'true' horizontal platforms which are used by pharma and medtech companies today in order to build 'smart' and connected devices which are changing the courses of patient lives through data-driven therapies.


Short CV Blaise Jacholkowski

Blaise holds a Master in Microtechnology Engineering with Biomedical specialization from the EPFL as well as an Executive MBA in General Management and Finance. He joined Zühlke at the end of 2020 as Principal Business Consultant and combines 15+ years of experience in Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals, Medtech & Healthtech) in consulting, professional services and as an entrepreneur. He tackled multiple projects in the context of digital, cultural & workforce transformation, and took part in various startup acceleration programs as a jury member in the selection committee or as a mentor.


Hinweis: Dieser Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten.

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