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Development and Toolmaking

We use our many years of experience to make your product look as good as possible. We help you to develop packaging and come up with professional and individual packaging solutions within a short time.

Development and toolmaking: our challenge!
In short time, we develop personalised packagings for ultra-stringent requirements and present creative solutions in an appealing 3D design. Sample and production tools are manufactured in our in house toolmaking shop. For this purpose we are using cutting-edge CNC machines based on CAD/CAM technology.
In our construction department with its staff of 6 we can develop within a short time customised blister packs to meet the highest demands.
State-of-the-art CAD systems combined with our many years of experience in construction and aesthetics make us ideally equipped to visualise your models.
The package is an integral part of your product. Functionality, user-friendliness and feasibility of production are very important to us. On the computer screen we can detect critical points immediately, so it is still easy to change them. Employing rapid prototyping methods and the existing 3D CAD data, we can quickly generate real samples using the actual materials.
The 3D CAD data are also used in our modern tool making facilities to create tools for series production, such as thermoforming and punching tools, as well as sealing tools.

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