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Electronics development

From electronic design and smart IoT solutions to the development of modules and devices: Iftest continuously refines the corresponding processes. The company has a broad track record in the successful implementation of electronics development projects.

Optimized time-to-market, quality and cost efficiency

From sophisticated electronic design and smart IoT solutions of the latest generation to the development of modules and devices: A seamless transition from electronics development to series production allows Iftest customers to get to market faster.


Electronics Hardware Development

Iftest has over 25 years of project experience in:

  • Development of microcontroller systems and application-specific device controls
  • Digital and analog circuits
  • Communication interfaces
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Display and Touch
  • Power electronics as well as fieldbuses and baseboards

All new products are developed under standards concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety. Product design focuses not only on performance but also on component selection, long-term availability, price, service life and the possibility of second sourcing.

To provide customers with the best quality at optimal costs, Iftest places particular emphasis on the development of a design for good producibility and an optimal test strategy.


Embedded Software Development

Iftest also has many years of experience in software development with successfully implemented projects, for example in the areas of device and machine controls with modern display and operation. Among other things, wireless data communication and encryption systems are essential functions. C/C++, C#, and Python are used in the development of embedded software. In addition to the current V-model, agile methods are increasingly being used. Continuous software support is part of all development projects.


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