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FOBA Y-Series fiber laser marking systems

With their high flexibility and performance, FOBA's fiber laser marking systems are ideally suited for industrial direct part marking on almost any surface.

For any type of codes (QR codes, DataMatrix or bar codes), alphanumeric characters, logos and much more: To implement marking applications reliably and with sharp contrast, the Y-series fiber lasers are integrated into production lines in almost all industries. From automotive engineering to medical and security technology to electronics.

Pulsed as well as continuous wave fiber laser systems with a wavelength of 1064 nm and different frequency ranges are available. The marking speed is up to 1000 characters per second. The integrated camera system enables the pre-inspection of the parts to be marked, the exact alignment of the marking as well as the verification of the marked content. 

For UDI marking in medical technology, the universally applicable FOBA Y.0201 marking system has proven particularly suitable. Depending on the marking requirements, the use of a closed marking workstation of laser class 1 or the integration of the system into a production line is recommended.

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