From car to medical

A leading manufacturer of medical products is intending to involve a new injection molding supplier. EXCO ensures that a new in-mold-labelling techniques that was used for the automotive industry can be used within medical industry.


EXCO supports the client and...

  • develops the product development unit of the supplier
  • develops the production unit of the supplier
  • plans validation and qualification of prozesses and production lines
  • realizes validation and qualification
  • develops measuring programs
  • develops documentation and Quality Assurcance Agreement
  • offers GMP and GDR training


EXCO uses state-of-the-art electronic data management systems and tools to document the proven quality measures and establish a document management systems.

Customer benefit

  • risk-based measures, individual fit to the industry branches
  • integration of various quality requirements
  • supplier management and development from one single source
  • transfer of knowhow across industry branches


Global manufacturer of medical equipment.

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