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Medical Device Incubator

We help you innovate and turn your ideas into reliable, viable and desirable medical devices. We join forces with you from Definition to Market Approval.

What we offer

Innovation and transformation of breakthrough technologies into commercially successful medical devices has been part of Debiotech’s DNA for more than 30 years. The company is now sharing its strong experience with passionate entrepreneurs to cooperatively develop an idea, a research project or a proof-of-concept that will radically change the medical sector. 

Your benefits

By integrating our incubator, you will have access to key infrastructure, skills and know-how in software, mechanics, micro-fabrication, electronics, usability and quality assurance to develop and make your project evolve up to a first minimum viable product (MVP) ready for the market approval and beyond.

The application process

Do you have a project that could benefit from the support of our incubator? Our team of experts will be happy to talk about it during the show.

More information on our website.

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