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Modula Assembly Inline for plastic welding of large series

The Modula product line for laser welding of plastics has been complemented by a process cell that can be easily integrated into a fully automated production line with e.g. transfer belt or large rotary indexing table.

The Modula product line of laser units, optics, clamping units and motion systems enables easy integration of laser welding of plastics in customer-specific machines by internal or external special machine-building department. For small workpieces up to 100x100 mm, this product line has now been extended by a special process cell Modula Assembly Inline, which allows even easier integration into a fully automated production line. For example, with workpiece carriers on conveyor belt or large rotary indexing table.

The new process cell includes an optics, a clamping unit and sensors for process control. The optics employed are primarily a scanner with a working field of 100x100 mm, which enables both contour process and quasi-simultaneous process. However, also special optics such as ring, line or DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) optics can also be selected for simultaneous welding.

The pneumatic clamping unit of the process cell presses from top to bottom on the workpiece carrier with the part to be welded. Due to a suitable design of the clamping tool, the opening to the workpiece carrier and plastic part is closed laser-tight, so that the system can be operated as laser class 1. The special machine builder does not have to worry about any further safety precautions with regard to the welding laser and only has to ensure the handing of the parts in and out of the welding position.

Additionally, for simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous process type, the clamping unit can be equipped with displacement sensors that are directly retrieved by the Modula laser unit for process control.

The Modula laser unit for controlling the Modula Assembly Inline process cell can be placed up to about 5 m away from the process cell. They are connected by an optical fiber, an electrical data cable and if scanner optics in the process cell with an additional control cable.
The compressed air for the pneumatic clamping unit is connected directly to the process cell.

At the Swiss Medtech Expo, the Modula Assembly Inline is presented for the first time. A small transfer belt is mounted below the process cell to demonstrate live welding. The workpiece carriers have mounts for 3D-printed magnetic housings, which are welded directly on site as sample parts.

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