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SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG stands for 60 years of competence in forming and assembly technology for metal-/plastic-parts in the medical sector. In efficient production centres, we convert a wide range of materials into highly complex components in a series of fully automated process steps.

Customer requirements are steadily increasing: Highly complex products, short development times and dynamic innovation call for development teams to take an extremely professional approach. And our expertise is the ideal foundation for perfect results.


SCHEUERMANN + HEILIG is a market leader in the usage of the following technologies:

  • Development competence and tool technology
  • Stamping and bending technology
  • Spring technology
  • Injection moulding technology
  • Automated assembly technologies:
    feeding of materials and parts, thread
    cutting and forming, assembly using
    screws or bolts, welding technologies
    (including laser and resistance welding)
  • Integrated process technologies:
    cleaning, heat treatment, measurement
    and testing, handling and packaging

We are Premium-Supplier of bespoke solutions to large international key accounts in categories including healthcare, mobility, smart solutions and individual solutions.

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