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sinaSCOPE: 3D digital microscopy platform

sinaSCOPE is the new, compact 3D digital microscopy platform from Solectrix. With this system, all optical, eyepiece-based stereomicroscopes can be expanded to a digital microscope with two 4K cameras and a 3D monitor. The optical properties of the microscope remain unchanged.

New, compact 3D digital microscopy platform

The digitalization provides an unlimited working and viewing area and allows ergonomic working – the head remains freely movable. Fatigue-free working over a longer period of time is possible, preventing a lack of concentration. The image data of the microscope is available for digital processing. 

The Solectrix camera heads are equipped with a highly sensitive 11 mm sensor from Sony and deliver up to 30 images per second in razor-sharp 4K UHD resolution. The "real 3D" concept ensures synchronous recording of the 3D image data. The high image quality of the Solectrix Image Pipeline optimized with low latency is decisive for the functionality of the system. Processing the 3D image data within a single FPGA guarantees uniform image properties.

Until now, the calibration and operation of 3D systems without assistance was very complex and adjustment-intensive. To support the user, the sinaSCOPE system therefore has a background software that uses image analysis and image correction to ensure an optimal 3D image.


sinaSCOPE quick facts

  • 4K stereo camera system with HQ image processing unit
  • low latency as acceptance for hand-eye delay <30 ms
  • software for 3D analysis and rectification
  • stand-alone system or digital upgrade for optical microscopes
  • supports glasses-free and glasses-based 3D monitors
  • compact version as Solectrix device with 15.6″ monitor without glasses



  • Industrial inspection
  • Educational
  • Research & development
  • Clinical & laboratory


sinaSCOPE products


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Integrated Control Unit for 3D monitors


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Integrated Processing Unit for 3D monitors


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Complete system with autostereoscopic 15.6″ 3D monitor and Integrated Processing Unit


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