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Spine Shape System

Stabilization of lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral discs with flexible rods: in most cases permanent pain relief without vertebral stiffening and postoperatively without medication. The mobility of the lower spine, the protection of the neighbouring vertebrae & intervertebral discs are guaranteed.

The biomechanical principle of dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine is to control uncontrolled and therefore painful movements of the vertebral bodies relative to one another. With these implants, no tissue is replaced, but a more or less load-bearing structure is added, depending on the flexibility selected, which means that the implantation is fundamentally reversible. With the insertion of the connecting rods approximately at the level of the facet joints, these are relieved to the maximum.

This can relieve pain due to osteoarthritis or capsule stretching. With this installation position, the natural mobility (momentary centers of rotation) is only slightly changed and the intervertebral disc retains its natural stress stimulus. In addition, the dorsal compression of the intervertebral disc can be reduced, which can be helpful in the event of root irritation. Finally, the global inclination of the intervertebral disc can be reduced, which reduces the risk of herniated discs.

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