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The SX Mobile Device Kit – 1—2—3—go!

Innovative ideas for mobile devices can be directly and easily realized with the new Mobile Device Kit from Solectrix (MDK). In addition to hardware and software, the MDK also includes a flexible housing concept, offering numerous design and functional options.

Easy entry into the development of mobile health devices:

The SX Mobile Device Kit – 1—2—3—go!


As a platform for the entry into the development of a mobile ARM-based embedded system, Solectrix presents its "SX Mobile Device Kit" (MDK). The MDK offers a completely reworked device design that includes not only hardware and software but also a flexible housing concept.


At the heart of this versatile electronics is a NXP i.MX 8M Mini CPU. Selected peripherals for all the functionality expected of a portable device are also included. Thus, the MDK is prepared for wireless communication via Wi-Fi as well as BLE or the satellite-based positioning based on GPS / GLONASS. In addition to battery operation, charging via USB and wireless charging is planned. With the option of providing USB host and Ethernet interfaces, the MDK can also be used as a single-board computer (SBC).


The MDK is specifically designed for use in mobile image processing applications. For this, the platform offers a flexible expansion interface for connection of various image sensors, enabling the use of the appropriate sensor for a dedicated customer application.


All components of the MDK are robust and therefore suitable for use in demanding environments. They were selected on consideration of a granted long-term availability. Customer-specific adaptations of the hardware and software as well as of the MDK device design are offered by Solectrix as a service and are thus exactly tailored to the customer's requirements.

For the self-developed design, Board Support Packages based on Linux and Android are available. That way the customer can jump right into the development of his application.


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