Transparent masks for hearing impaired people

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hearing-impaired people have faced additional problems: Due to the mandatory use of masks, they can no longer lip-read and therefore hardly understand anything. QUO and Flawa have developed a mask with a mouth window in which the lips are visible.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hearing impaired people have been confronted with an additional difficulty: Due to the mandatory use of masks, they can no longer lip-read and therefore hardly understand anything. Flawa and QUO developed a partially transparent mask where the lips are visible.

Rapid implementation of prototypes

QUO challenge was to set up a rapid and iterative product development process to provide the mask as quickly as possible to the public. 

To this end we implemented and tested initial designs at a very early stage in our in-house workshop. With these prototypes, we were able to gather feedback directly from those affected, which was then incorporated into the further development of the mask. The many iterations in a short time resulted in an industrializable prototype that exceeds the requirements of the FOPH and meets the medical Type II  standard.

The mouth window, which exposes facial expressions, enables lip reading and eliminates communication problems. The innovative anti-fog coating on the inside of the mask prevents fogging of the transparent film. The partially transparent mask fits as good as the standard masks and the shape of the window is inspired by a smiling mouth which leaves a positive impression. 

The partially transparent mask of Type II is available on the market after only two months of development.


  • Form studies
  • Functional samples for user survey
  • Feedback from user surveys
  • Evolution of the mask every second day
  • Design vision and KeyShot visuals for packaging and of the product
  • Prototypes for laboratory testing 
  • Prototyping
  • Material specifications
  • Ready for manufacturing Design

Scope of services

  • User-centered product development 
  • Interdisciplinary development sprint (material science, engineering & design)
  • Functional prototyping & prototyping 
  • Material research
  • Industrialization and development of supplier network


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