Webinar Recording: Laser Marking Automation

FOBA continuously offers new webinars on laser marking topics free of charge. For example, watch the UDI Expert Talk "Automation of Laser Marking" as a webinar recording.

Topic of this UDI Talk is:

Automation of laser marking (with case study add'n solutions and fruitcore robotics). 

Your hosts Christian Söhner (FOBA), Dominik Pfeiffer (add'n solutions) and Julian Link (fruitcore robotics) will present 

  • the steps involved in a laser marking process
  • how the challenge of a large number of different articles is solved
  • how the integration of the gripper robot was implemented in practice
  • what role the validation of the marking process plays
  • how the automation proves itself in the company

The recording of the webinar is available here

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