What would the smartphone be without SCHNEEBERGER?

Highly precise linear technology makes it possible to miniaturize electronics. Without highly integrated electronic components, our everyday life would be inconceivable. They represent the heart of our smart phones, our navigation systems, and the reader devices for credit cards, to name a few.

The development of electronic communication technologies is breathtakingly fast – and SCHNEEBERGER is contributing significantly to this progress. Thanks to advanced linear motion technology, it is possible to fit even the smallest of components onto PCBs reliably, ultra-fast and with extreme precision, as well as to attach and connect the micro-fine connecting wires to the integrated circuits with minimal gaps and without error. 

Our miniature guideways support the highest component density on the printed circuit board and make the production process increasingly precise, fast and thus ever more profitable. They generate tangible added value for both the electronics and semiconductor industries as well as for their end customers 
The MINISCALE and MSQscale miniature guideways even have an integrated optical distance measuring system that combines the dual functions of guiding and measuring with the smallest footprint! 

Customer benefits of the miniature guideways

  • Minimal design planning
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Rapid installation and adjustment
  • Consistently high level of accuracy
  • Extended service life

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