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Wireless foot switches

For more than a decade, steute Meditec has been driving forward the development of user interfaces with cable-free signal transmission. "steute Wireless" is a remote control technology which can be used with all types of medical equipment and which has been adapted to suit the special requirements o

State-of-the-art wireless standard for medical equipment

Signals are transmitted to the medical device via the third and latest generation of steute wireless technology. This technology features considerably reduced power consumption in conjunction with higher (and configurable) transmission performance. Although power consumption is low, the response time is very fast: signal transmission from an already activated foot control takes just 20 milliseconds.
The low-energy wireless technology used by the new steute user interfaces means that, for the first time ever, conventional alkaline batteries (e.g. AA or C) can be used instead of a lithium ion rechargeable battery. Batteries therefore no longer need recharging, eliminating both the charging devices and the charging management, which in turn reduces the costs.
The latest steute Meditec wireless technology works on the 2.4 GHz frequency band and can be used throughout the world universally and free of charge.

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