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MELITEK is a privately owned Danish company specialising in elastomer and polymer compounds based on 30 years’ experience servicing the healthcare market. MELITEK offer a broad range of meliflex materials (PE, PP, TPE, TPO and COC based compounds) that are produced according to GMP and ISO13485:2016

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Injection molding elastomers, rubber
Injection molding thermoplastics
Production of materials (compounding, etc.)
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Elastomers, rubber
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meliflex elastomer & polymer+ compounds for healthcare

meliflex are dedicated range of compounds for healthcare applications such as pharmaceutical primary packaging, medical devices and diagnostics. 

meliflex comes in three different material categories:

meliflex XP
meliflex XP are unique flexible polyolefin based compounds specially designed to offer a viable and competitive alternative to flexible PVC and TPU/PUR and are based on >20 years commercial supply experience. Grades are available for films (XF), tube extrusion (XT) and moulding (XM).

The evolution and success of meliflex XP types continues as the benefits of PVC-free and phthalate free materials gain wider commercial recognition in many healthcare applications and markets.

meliflex XC
meliflex XC are polymer+ compounds developed and customized to meet the unique requirements of individual customer and application requirements.

meliflex XC are designed to offer enhanced functionality and performance on e.g. colour, impact resistance, welding, radiation resistance, antistatics, friction, tribology, laser marking/welding and antimicrobial.

meliflex XC polymer+ compounds are offered for both polyolefins (e.g. PE, PP, EVA, EMA, COC, COP, TPE, TPO, TPV) and engineering resins (eg. ABS, MABS, PC, PC/ABS, PS, SAN, COPE, PA).

meliflex XC are ready-to-use compounds bringing converters and OEMs benefits in manufacturing, higher quality yields, regulatory compliance and supplier management.

meliflex XR
meliflex XR are TPE compounds specially designed for soft rubber like properties, offering easy processing and allowing freedom in product design.

MELITEK offer a broad standard range of TPE-S types that are specially developed for healthcare. Enhanced types for specific applications (e.g. for medical stoppers, sealants, drip chambers) are available along with specialty bonding types for co-moulding against e.g. ABS, PC, PA, COPE, PA).

meliflex XR are also available in customized versions with added value features such as colour, laser marking/welding, antimicrobial etc.

Certification / Standards
·    ISO 13485:2016
General Information
Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Nr. Alslev, Denmark

Hartvig Jensensvej 1
4840 Nr. Alslev

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