How to handle given boundaries

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

14:40 o'clock - 14:50 o'clock

Pushing the boundaries of implantable therapies, pushes the boundaries of implantable devices as well. A novel brain-interface application serves as examples of how to handle given boundaries and how to go beyond.

Development of an implantable brain radio 

The Wyss Center offers the expertise, facilities, and resources to accelerate progress from neuroscience research to clinical solutions in order to improve the lives of people with nervous system disorders.

With the support of the OSYPKA AG WYSS Center was able to develop a high-bandwidth implantable brain radio for the wireless transfer of data from brain to computer. The device has multiple applications including epilepsy, neurofeedback, movement restoration, communication, and sleep monitoring. One of the major challenges of developing implantable devices that can measure brain signals is securely encapsulating the device in a protective biocompatible coating that will allow it to function in the body of years. The integration of innovative feedthrough technologies, hermetic sealing and biocompatible materials are key to driving the field forward.


Trade-offs needed for advanced applications

Future applications, especially in neuro-stimulation, require sophisticated implant designs adapted to individual anatomy.

When discussing technical possibilities, quite often we end up in a trade-off discussion between selecting;

a) A classical, less-advanced implant encapsulation design which reduces device risks and thus projects risks and;

b) more advanced designs, device geometries and material selections which seem technical feasible but involve higher projects risks in regard to device performance and fulfillment of given requirements for regulatory device approval.


How to find the best solution

A unique feature and thus specialty of OSYPKA AG is the outstanding vertical integration, i.e. all major processes for implant manufacturing are available in-house.
This allows the creative and innovative solution when approaching new challenges devices for future applications. Besides conventional encapsulation concepts, also flexible and polymeric approaches gain importance.

In the Showcase-Pitch, Dr. Thorsten Göttsche will introduce you to one of those challenging applications that were derived from the cooperation with WYSS Center in Geneva, Switzerland.


Image of  Dr. Thorsten Göttsche

Dr. Thorsten Göttsche

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