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Established in 1923, SCHNEEBERGER stands for pioneering innovations in linear motion technology. Linear guideways and profile rail guideways together with measuring systems, racks, slides, positioning systems, mineral casting, ball screws are all part of our extensive capability and product range.

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  • P Guiding systems
  • P Products for mold and tool making
  • P Positioning system
  • P Automatisation and robotics
  • S Further services development
  • S Consulting, engineering, data generation
  • S Product development
  • S Engineering services
  • S Clean room production
  • S Contract manufacturing
  • S Technology development
  • S Research and development
  • S Application development
  • S Consulting
  • S Embedded systems
  • S Electronic systems
  • S Further research and development
  • S Casting
  • S Consulting industry 4.0
  • S Assembly

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SCHNEEBERGER® serves original equipment manufacturers operating (OEM) in various industries worldwide – from machine tool, solar technology and semiconductor technology to electrical engineering and medical engineering and others. Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting are all part of SCHNEEBERGER’s product and manufacturing range. A.MANNESMANN has been part of the SCHNEEBERGER Group since October 2017. A.MANNESMANN is a leading supplier for the production of ballscrew drives, telescopic actuators and drill spindles. werotec ag, headquartered in Reigoldswil, Switzerland, has also been part of the SCHNEEBERGER Group since early 2018. werotec ag's core competence lies in precision grinding technology and in the complete production of anti-friction bearing rollers.

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