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Signer Titanium AG is a wholesaler, distributor, stockist and service provider of semi-finished titanium products and special metals, primarily for the medical technology industry.

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Signer Titanium's 40-year success story is no coincidence, but the result of a thorough understanding of materials and the market. Thanks to our focus on the distribution of titanium and special materials, we have successful, satisfied and long-term customers and suppliers.

In addition to providing technical support and advice on titanium issues, we also undertake all pre-processing work on the material for our customers:
- Cutting services (water jet cutting, sawing, shearing and PE-coating)
- Machining services (milling, turning, centerless grinding, surface grinding)
- Heat treatment (stress relief heat treatment)
- Straightening
- Marking (laser marking and colour marking)
- Quality inspections and technical reports
- Laboratory analyses (chem. analyses, hydrogen analysis, metallurgical tests, ultrasonic / eddy current inspections)

In addition, we offer our customers comprehensive and individual logistics services:
- Warehousing with call-off orders
- Long-term agreements
- Efficient and reliable logistic solutions, worldwide
- Recycling
- Rapidly available samples for prototypes and test

Signer Titanium AG is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Our manufacturing plants and partners are selected and certified companies from Switzerland, USA and Japan.

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Signer Titanium AG
Kantonsstrasse 1
8807 Freienbach

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 Andreas Kaufmann

Andreas Kaufmann

Management, Sales, Quality

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