SHAWPAK - The Revolutionary Thermoformed Packaging Solution

The SHAWPAK is a revolutionary machine that offers a unique thermoforming solution for your packaging needs. In the smallest of spaces, one person operates the machine or the products are loaded and packaged online by a robot directly into the packaging.

The SHAWPAK distinguishes itself as follows:

  • It has a servo indexing drum compared to the conventional linear machine design.
  • The mould insert is inserted into the format drum, allowing the machine to pack a wide variety of products easily and in a minimum of space.
  • Suitable for the production of blister packs, rigid film packs and soft film packs.
  • Applications for use in the medical, industrial and food sectors.
  • Foil printing system mounted directly on the machine.
  • Manual loading or fully automatic with loading robot.
  • Smallest possible design in dimensions LxWxH 1340x855x975mm to 1465x1250x1035mm.
  • Film widths from 220mm up to 620mm.
  • Packing lengths up to 250mm, packing widths up to 620mm, packing depths up to 100mm.
  • Optimum packaging performance of up to 25 packs/minute or 1,500 packs/hour or 12,000 packs/layer.
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