Reasons to visit the fair

The Swiss Medtech Expo addresses everyone working in medical technology, especially engineers, developers, product managers, quality responsibles, sourcing & procurement professionals and responsibles for regulatory affairs.

  1. Get to know the right suppliers and innovation enablers
    At the Swiss Medtech Expo, you find the entire value chain of the medtech supply market: system suppliers, component providers, material and equipment suppliers, service providers, research institutes and many more. Like this, you find the right partners for your projects.
  2. Learn more about technology trends in the medtech industry
    In different focus topics, exhibitors, competence partners, universities and experts address current technology trends in the medtech industry. Each focus topic present the developments on a special zone at the fair and in several presentations in the innovation symposium. Discover the focus topics and get inspired.
  3. Network with colleagues and experts
    The Swiss Medtech Expo is the meeting point for the Swiss medical technology industry and provides networking on the highest level. To further improve your networking opportunities, you can use our networking tool to see already before the fair, who will be present. Like this, you can use the fair for meetings with existing contacts or discover new interesting contacts through the filter functions.
  4. Take advantage of the expert presentations
    In the innovations symposium, experts, researchers and associations present the latest trends in the medtech industry.
  5. Feel the pulse of the Swiss medtech industry
    Important impulses for the Swiss medical technology industry originate from the Swiss Medtech Expo. Be part of it, when the projects and cooperations are started that shape the future of the Swiss medical technology industry.

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