The world's first RoboticScope

BHS develops the world's first RoboticScope. It expands the capabilities of microsurgeons with a new way of robotic viewing. BHS creates access of best technologies in the operating theatres of the world.

The world's first RoboticScope

In microsurgery, surgeons use the finest instruments and microscopes. This activity requires patience and is a very static activity. In order for a surgeon to be able to orient himself in a complex anatomy, he needs a movable microscope. All current solutions on the market are static, which restricts the overview and also burdens the back through the static posture of the surgeon. By observing surgeons, it has been possible to identify needs in order to find a solution detached from the user.

A multidisciplinary team from sales and product development was able to develop a concept that resulted in a RoboticScope. The RoboticScope consists of a 3D camera with a lens held by a robot arm. The control takes place via a Head Mounted Display worn on the head with which the robot arm and thus the camera can be controlled. The system has also been designed to have a cost structure that provides easy access to this technology. The challenge is to introduce this product to the market where regulatory and market specific hurdles have to be overcome.

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